How to secure sensitive data for your business

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Security Audit

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In order to protect sensitive data you first need to conduct a full security audit to identify what is sensitive data, where it is located, and who has access.

Step 1 – Identify Sensitive Information

Identity what is sensitive data and perform risk analysis.

Step 2 – Determine who should have access

Determine who should have access to (and who should not)

Step 3 – Conduct hardware Audit

Locate the organizations computers and storage media.

Step 4 – Conduct software Audit

Identity all software currently used on the organizations computers.

Step 5 – Conduct Network Audit

Test network security and identify any vulnerabilities.

Step 6 – Scan network and storage media to locate sensitive data

Search the organisations computers and storage media for sensitive data.

Step 7 – Review Audit and secure sensitive data accordingly

Ensure sensitive data is secure and access is restricted to authorized persons.