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Get A Copy Of All Your Facebook Account Interactions Since You Joined

Amid Facebook’s privacy scandal, more people are becoming interested in the data that the social media company collects and retains about them. You’d be surprised to know that they store every single interaction you’ve had – from all the messages you received to all the ads you have clicked – in one single archive. It’s essentially everything you’ve done with your Facebook account since the moment you joined.

If you can’t stand the thought of any more people gaining unauthorized access to all your Facebook history like the deal with Cambridge Analytica, then it’s time to take your security into your own hands. Here’s how you can download everything that Facebook knows about you.

How To Download Your Facebook Data

  • Go to
  • Click “Download a copy of your Facebook data.”
  • Choose “Download Archive.”
  • You may have to wait for a few minutes as the site prepares your archive. You will receive an alert once it is ready.
  • Tap “Download Archive” again to download the zip file to your computer.
  • Check each file and browse through the whole archive.

What’s In The Archive

  • Your Basic Information – By looking through the file labelled index.htm, you will see a list of basic information from your Facebook account, such as the contact details you have provided, all the people you’ve been “in a relationship” with, your education and work history, as well as the exact time you’ve joined the platform.
  • Friends, Photos, Videos – On the Friends tab you will find every single one of your Facebook friends including the time you added each other and requests you have declined. The Photos tab contains every picture you’ve ever uploaded to the site with all related details – even the IP address from which each photo was uploaded. Lastly, the Videos tab shows all the clips you recorded on Facebook, even those you never actually posted.
  • Advertising and Applications – The Ads tab is an interesting part of your index where you can see a list of ad categories associated with your account. It also has data on all the advertisements you’ve clicked and all the companies who have your contact information. Meanwhile, the Applications tab shows the apps you’ve signed up with using your Facebook profile.
  • Messages – This contains all the files and messages sent through messenger.
  • Call & SMS Records – If you have given permission to Facebook to access your call and text history, then you’ll also find a copy of it here.

It’s a scary prospect that all this information could be in the hands of the wrong people any time. If you value your privacy and plan to leave the platform soon, then this is how to keep some of your memories with you. Be reminded of the scale of which Facebook knows about you. If you want to start anew with an anonymous online identity, visit