Online Shopping Security: Best Practices in Cyber Hygiene

These days, consumers are well aware of the importance of online shopping security. Online retailers that are not capable of offering safe and secure online transactions usually receive negative reviews from customers. This is something that companies should pay serious attention to. Due to rapid implementations of technology, organisations do not realise how dangerous the lack of cyber hygiene is.

Threats evolve that it is nearly impossible to detect them immediately. The good news is practicing basic cyber hygiene and applying online shopping security measures can make a big difference in managing risk. Cyber hygiene minimises the impact of threats. It is also essential to acknowledge the fact that even simple practices can be a challenge.

However, online retailers must keep in mind that consumers already have concerns about security levels as they have learned how to stay safe when shopping online. They are sometimes hesitant to give personal information. The only way customers can gain greater peace of mind is when they are assured that online retailers and other organisations have strategies in place to mitigate risk.

Consider these cyber hygiene practices as your best defense against online shopping security threats:

1. Create a mandate for basic cyber hygiene in your business environment. Support this effort with ongoing education for employees and partners. When it comes to cybersecurity, ignorance is not bliss.

2. Develop a basic threat profile. Not all companies are created equal in terms of their security profile and posture. Developing and understanding your basic threat profile allows a clear understanding of where your most valuable assets reside, and what specific measures you should take to protect those assets.

3. Establish a formal process to secure emerging technologies. New, innovative technologies, such “omnichannel” marketing, create new revenue opportunities for online retailers. But these technologies also pose new security risks and must be considered under the same security microscope as the rest of your business functions. Having a formal process will make for smoother, justifiable adoption and more secure technology.

Protecting customers’ personal data requires updating your systems and ensuring that you have security technologies that can protect your system against complex attacks. Online shopping security strategy must be well positioned for cyber risks to be treated effectively.

We are aware that not all organisations have reached that certain level of security maturity needed to cope with today’s technology landscape. As cyber criminals are getting more sophisticated and skilled in toiling their “craft”, organisations should have the ability to respond and act fast. Save your business from disaster. Protect Your Business Online believes that being aware of the impact of threats is the first step to solving the problem.

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