How to secure your WordPress website and protect it from being hacked

FREE easy to follow step-by-step video guides to make your WordPress website secure and protect it from being hacked.

Every day, there is a new report about a major site being hacked or a sensitive database being compromised… Cyber attacks are on the increase and you need to protect your website now.

Being hacked is not just annoying, it can also be a very costly exercise, the real cost of being hacked will vary from business to business but consider the following:
  • LOSS OF BUSINESS – lost sales and lead generation is the most obvious concern and can have an impact long after the website is fixed
  • WEBSITE REPAIR/REBUILD – sometimes you can restore from backup but not always resulting in many hours of work…
  • SEARCH ENGINE RANKING – search engines will often remove hacked sites from their index and add them to a list of dangerous sites
  • DATA CORRUPTION – hacking and malware infection often results in data corruption
  • ONLINE REPUTATION – most people underestimate the damage to reputation and potential loss of confidence in dealing with you
  • SENSITIVE INFORMATION – being hacked is embarrassing enough but what if sensitive information was leaked and made public?
  • THEFT OF DATA / INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY – the cost here can far exceed all other costs together!

Can I make my website 100% hacker proof?

Not really, if professional hackers have successfully hacked the Internet security of governments, financial institutions and multinationals, despite all their resources and dedicated security personal, then what chance do you have against them by implementing a few simple DIY measures.
The thing to understand is that most hacking attempts to business websites are not coming from professional hackers. Most hacking is performed by automated bots which are software scripts that continuously scan the internet for known vulnerabilities.

This FREE guide will tell you how to protect your WordPress website from most hacking attacks, and if you implement the recommended security measures it is highly unlikely your site will ever be hacked.

If you think there is a chance your website might be targeted by professional hackers then you may need the services of Security consultant to implement special additional security measures.


Do you lock your front door when you go out?

Silly question – of course you do. What most people do not realize is, that with regard to their website, many people are not just leaving the equivalent of their front door wide open, but also leaving all the windows wide open.
Think of the automated bots as burglars driving around looking for easy targets, houses with open doors and windows.

We will show you how to close your cyber doors and windows, this alone will substantially reduce the chance of being burgled. We will further help you secure your website by showing you how to implement a range of other simple security measures that will cause most bots to skip your website and looking for an easier target.


How to secure your WordPress website and protect it from being hacked

Inside the members area is my step-by-step video guide to making your WordPress website more secure as well as other information to help you protect your business online

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