Security Completes The Digital Transformation

Organisations undergo digital transformation to improve business processes and provide better customer service. However, security is one aspect of digital business transformation that does not get the attention it deserves. The sophistication of IT infrastructure brought about by this digital metamorphosis will leave you in awe, oblivious to the fact that there is still one missing piece of the puzzle-an important one for that matter. Data breaches and cyber attacks are all due to the lack of security strategy. Embracing transformation without giving importance to security is like building a mansion, but living all your doors open to thieves who have the gumption to break in.

The lack of security renders IT sophistication useless. As digital transformations are driven by customer behavior, technology innovation and external environmental factors, it is only reasonable to check how effective the transformation program is.

Digital Transformation and Security

The digital transformation of business is challenging because it calls for a change in structures and strategic positioning. It creates a ripple effect as it affects all levels of your organisation. One thing is for sure, the transformation will unlock additional benefits such as reducing manual tasks and increasing productivity levels. How can you gain a competitive edge if security gets in the way?

There is no real transformation if hackers or cyberattackers are just waiting for the perfect timing to strike. Your new IT infrastructure does not curtail them from devising their schemes because there is no real security architecture in place. By 2020, 60% of digital businesses will face major service failures according to Gartner. These are all due to the lack of digital transformation solutions that will manage security risk.

Gartner suggests that organisations must focus on this following areas to address cybersecurity during the transformation:

-People and process
-Cybersecurity at the new edge
-Culture change
-The evolving threat environment

What is your digital transformation strategy?

Perimeter protection is no longer enough because when weak links are compromised, it is easy for attackers to gain instant access to your organisation’s systems, data and networks. Technology changes at the speed of light. If you want to achieve a certain level of security that will ensure a hacker-proof infrastructure, embedding security into all of your applications is a must. Encryption services, advanced access-control capabilities, two-factor authentication and other security solutions act as the glue that holds your strategy together.

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