Change default Admin name

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>Basic admin

The user “admin” is created by default and the target of hackers

Create a different username for admin


The user “admin” is created by default during installation of WordPress, and very few people ever change it. This means that a potential hacker already knows half your login credentials and only need to focus on cracking the password.

It is simple to create a new user account for the administration of your your WordPress. Try to be a little creative in selecting a new user name. Don’t use your own first name or anything else that it might be easy for a potential hacker to guess. Then simply add this new user and assign it admin privileges.

Be aware that WordPress will only allow an email associated with an account to be used once. If you want your new Admin user to use the same email address then first use an alternative. Later after you have deleted the current admin user you can assign that email to your new administration account.

The user name and the name displayed as an author on posts should not be the same. When creating the new user make sure you do not have it displaying your user name by default as this will defeat the whole purpose of changing the admin user name.

Next you need to delete the current admin user. When you delete a user WordPress will ask you what it should do with posts and links owned by the user that you are deleting. Select “Attribute all posts and links to ” and assign to the new administration account.

You are done. Just remember that you have changed the user admin next time you login 🙂

The following link will show you how to manually change the existing admin account name:

You can also change the WordPress administrator user ID which is set to 1 by default.

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