Distributed Denial of Service (DDos attack)

Protection Requirement:



>Configuration of security settings (understanding use of ports etc)

Denial of service attack can crash a website.

Use a firewall to protect your website.

A DDos attack is where multiple networks are used to target a single system, causing a ‚ÄúDenial of Service” attack. When a website is under attack, it stops responding to legitimate users because a hacker-controlled or activist “fleet” of computers are maliciously flooding network traffic to the target’s website. DDoS attacks have grown to be the weapon of choice for online activist groups like Anonymous, as well as hackers and cyber criminals, as they are inexpensive to execute, difficult to stop, and impact a very large network of users.

While a Distributed Denial of Service (DDos) attack is not specifically a WordPress security concern, it can threaten your WordPress web site.

Hardening your WordPress security alone will not protect you from a DDos attack.

Your host usually has an important role to play in protecting its network from DDos attacks. The problem is that the host is often not very sympathetic to your plight. In fact I have heard of many cases where website owners have been told they are no longer welcome on the host because their site is subject to repeated DDos attacks.

A firewall service that specifically deals with DDos attacks can be the answer if your website is subject to DDos attacks.

See “RESOURCES” below for free WordPress firewall plugins.


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