Encrypted website communciation

Protection Requirement:



>Review security requirements for you visitors and implement SSL certificate if needed.
>SSL Certificate and dedicated IP address

Traffic between your website and visitors is not encrypted.

Determine if you require encryption and implement if needed.

By default all the data sent to and from your website is not encrypted meaning that a hacker on the network could use “packet sniffing” to view that data.

If your website deals with sensitive information, especially financial transactions, you need to provide secure communication.

This is achieved with an SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate issued by a trusted authority. You need subscribe to a certificate provider and then have the certificate installed on your web server.

After an SSL certificate is installed a fully encrypted session is established by using the following prefix to the web address.

http:// (non encrypted)

https:/ (encrypted)

You will often also see a padlock or some other symbol in your browser indicating that you have a secure connection.

The cost of an SSL certificate ranges from just over $20 to hundreds of dollars depending on the issuing authority.

Your domain name register will usually also offer SSL certificates but you can shop around for the best offer.

The SSL certificate required a dedicated IP address and will usually charge an additional monthly fee for this which should not be more that $2 per month. A good host will also assist you in installing your certificate. Dedicated IP addresses will not be an option on most cheap hosting packages.

Google Ranking Advantage

In 2015 Google announced that website using SSL certificates will be considered as more trustworthy and may recieve a boost in the search engines ahead of other sites not offering secure connections. I have made a video about this here : http://socialvisibilityonline.com/sslhttps-ranking-factor/


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