Malware protection for WordPress

Protection Requirement:



>Run a scan on your website
>Malware protection software or service

Malware can infect websites and be used for malicious intent.

Scan website and remove any malware found.

Malware is an umbrella term for a range malicious code. Most people are familiar with malware infecting computers but website can also become infected.

It is bad enough to have your website infected by malware, but the damage does not stop with the affect of the the malware.

The reputation of your website can also be affected. Malware protection software loaded on visitors computers may start displaying warnings against visiting site.

There is also a real risk of your website being removed from search engine listing. If you have invested a lot of time and resources in gaining organic ranks in search engines this is truly a disaster.

The “payload” (malicious intent) of the website malware varies. It is often used to distribute malware to visitors and infect their computers, but it can also hide quietly on your web server collecting data for use by cyber criminals.

Other malware might be designed to hijack your server to use for other malicious purposes such as participation in a DDos attack against another site.

You need to scan your website on a regular basis for malware. There are a number of both free and paid service available to do this.

Free online scanners provide external – see MORE INFORMATION below

Free plugins that will provide internal scanning – simply search WordPress plugins with the keyword “malware” and you will see a number of these.

Be aware that many of the free services are designed to entice you to use their paid service. They may exaggerate the existence of vulnerabilities or security concerns.

Paid security services – These provide advanced protection against malware and other external threats.

Regardless of the which of the above you use, you should be running regular scans of your site to check for malware.


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