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Your Risk of being hacked is

Regardless of your assessed risk, a hacker only needs to find one vulnerability to hack your site!

This risk assessment looks at ten of key areas of website security, this is far from being a comprehensive risk analysis, but it does provide a good indication of your general level of risk.

If there were any questions that you did not know the answer to, it is important that you find out the answers to those questions. When we secure your website we will also provide the answers as part of an in-depth security analysis report.

#FF0000 Raised  towards the 100 target.



Most hacking and malware infection is opportunistic, done by automated bots searching for known vulnerabilities. Websites considered to be at special risk are those that could be the specifically targeted by human hackers for a range of reasons. These sites may require additional security measures regardless of the assessed risk level.

NO SPECIAL RISK has been identified in this basic assessment


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